Sugargirl Gijo23
33, Canada


Where should I start well my name is Georgia. 32 years young and I look like I'm 23 . Yeah I get it a lot so that's why I put it cuz it's just usually what I here. What can I tell you about me well I can say is I have a very unique personality I tend to have a charming yet comical personality for sure I tend to talk too much when I am nervous and sometimes I just kind of back up into a little corner if I feel cornered I turn red in in the face if embarrassed so I can't ever get away with anything no poker face either. I'm pretty simple minded I enjoy the simple things in life. what I want here is this more or less just seeing who approaches me and if they can charm me into it and if it's so be it then yeah sure let's give it a shot. I have experience on almost every level and you know some fetishes I still to the state question but you know what everybody has their kink I guess you could say. I'm kind of old school in that matter where I just enjoy being tied up you know girl and girl action have a thing for older men and hand man handling me I like aggression but not too much. Somebody that is in control of me but obviously we have a safety word. And I know you all have probably seen my videos the ones that have actually checked out my profile you're damn right I am a little Squirtle I'd like to try and beat my record can you help me? Record so far is roughly about 8 and 1/2 ft I want to see if I can hit like a 10 or 12 that'd be pretty sweet wouldn't it be? Pretty laid back pretty understanding pretty flexible for the most part I do have a bad back due to scoliosis that's progressively still getting worse to this day. But I'm sure there are gentle folk out there. Wow I really rambled on with this now didn't I? Let's just hope this makes sense when I press send or update enjoy