Sugargirl MsCherryRain
36, USA


This part is always hard for me. My name is Cherry! And I am just your average 36 year old mom with a little bit of spice! I am looking for someone to share my attention with. I have this un-dying desire to please people. All I really want is to show someone that they are worthy, that I care and that they deserve my time and attention. And if im a good girl I will hopefully be rewarded. Ive always been the one to take care of others it would be nice to be taken care of a little bit for once. Im looking forward to meeting new people and developing virtual connections. ***NOTE: My innocence has been taken advantage before. I do not to physical meetups due to my personal situation so dont ask. I also will not by any means send any amount of money to anyone ever and I only take paypal at this time*****